On behalf of Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers, I would warmly welcome and invite design-manufacture engineers, scientists, lecturers, state and enterprise managers of Vietnam and all over the world to participate The International Conference on Automotive Technology for Vietnam (Vietnam ICAT-2015), which will be held in Oct, 2015 in Hanoi capital city of Vietnam.

VIETNAM ICAT-2015 is a prestige broad science forum, which will create a vast advantages for the scientists, lectures, enterprises and managers to meet, exchange, report the latest research results, science and technology applications on manufacture-business in the field of automobile technology.

Automotive industry of Vietnam is still young, which was launched by the projects of foreign direct investment (FDI) of Japan in the mid-1990s of the last century. It was followed by South Korea, Germany, USA, China and enterprises of Vietnam. At present, products of many famous car companies have been manufacturing and assembling in Vietnam such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, GM, Ford, Mecedes Bens, Hundai, KIA, Mazda etc .. Beside, many kinds of automobile are imported CBU from genuine manufacturers. However, Vietnam's automobile market is still modest with the consumption of only 120000 -150000 vehicles / year. Along with the modernization and development of infrastructure, road traffic in the future, the number of cars in Vietnam will increase rapidly.

On 16th, July, 2014, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 1168 / QD-TTg approved strategy of Vietnam automobile industry development in 2015, with vision of 2035, which defines the automotive industry is an important driving force to promote the industrialization and modernization of the country; The Government encourages the development by stable, consistent and long-term policy. Heading to 2035, the automobile industry of Vietnam ensures the overall economic, social efficiency as well as requirements on environmental and energy protection tend to the savings and efficiency of fuel that meets the domestic demands and participate in the production chain of the world automobile manufacturing with large export value.

I do hope that with your valued vast and enthusiastic participation, VIETNAM ICAT-2015 will gain great success.

Dr. Do Huu Hao
President of VSAE


- Deadline for abstract submission at August 05 2015. After this date is increasing 20% fees

- Deadline for Final manuscript (Full paper): Sept. 2 2015


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